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Google Chrome Operating System

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Google Chrome Operating System

From some of my posts you may notice Im always keeping a keen eye on Google and what they are up to. Looks like they are coming out with an Operating System with Open Source capabilities. ... me-os.html

Interesting read take a look.
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Hi Avid!

Thx for the link.
Haven't looked at Google Chrome browser at all.
Seems an interesting concept none the less.
Anything that simplifies computers, runs them faster and makes them less error prone is right up my street.

Be interesting to see how and if it develops from concept to market.


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I tried using Chrome but they don't let you use roboform so I'm giving it a miss and sticking with good old firefox ;)

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When that OS becomes available I'm definitely going to give it a try, seeing that it will be open source and will probably be free to use. I never could resist free stuff, specially if they work really good.
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