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Affiliate Marketing is something I want to do. I have become overwhelmed at all of this great info. Can anyone who started from scratch tell me how long it took to get up and running ?
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I am also new in affili marketting and I am getting confused and disappointed. I either have the same question. please reply
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If you are feeling overwhelmed I suggest to start at the very beginning with learning: What is Affiliate Marketing, What is SEO, What is WordPress, What is Hosting, etc etc. Start with learning the Basics first.

If you have the training already then pick the task that needs to get done first and do that until it's done. After it's done you pick the next thing that needs to get done.

For me I like to learn as I go, for example when I first started out I didn't know anything about computers/Internet I was working in new home construction. My father gave me an SEO course to go through and that got me going and hooked. After going through the course I knew I needed a website, traffic and a way to monetize, so I went with xsitepro (now I use WordPress), SEO (Now called Inbound Marketing) and Adsense (now I have my own product/services).

I took a few days to learn how to get domains and hosting setup, a few more days to learn how to build the site and get the site uploaded, a few more days to get it to look right, more time to learn Adsense and Clickbank affiliate stuff, took WEEKS to get content on the darn thing (That's how the idea for my site was born) and it took some time more to get the site indexed and ranking. The point is I got Started on what needed to get done first and only worried about the other stuff when I got to it.

The topic of the thread is GETTING STARTED, well you need to do that, Get Started. Think about what you want to do and then figure out what needs to get done first. My guess would be Market Research? Learn it, get the tools you need, DO it.

Please ask more questions in the forums, we don't know what you need help with if you don't tell us. ;-)

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