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Do I need Affiloblueprint if I wish to use Affilojetpack?

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Do I need Affiloblueprint if I wish to use Affilojetpack?

Hi all, my first post. John Kelly from the US here. I am confused, do I need to get Affiloblueprint if I plan on getting Affilojetpack anyway? Any help is appreciated.
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One tip for you if you post any questions on the forum: Do a search first to see if someone has posted your question before. If it's posted like a while ago, say more than 2 years ago, there are things that might have changed since Affiloblueprint has undergone some revisions. Still, your question has been asked somewhere in the forum.

I am an Affiloblueprint subscriber since February this year (2014). As far as Affilojetpack, it depends on few factors: Are you completely new to internet or affiliate marketing? Do you have the money or are you willing to spend lots of money like around $500 for Affilojetpack?

If you are completely new and you are willing to learn, I would not recommend you jump on Affilojetpack unless you are willing to pay for it. Affiloblueprint is a step by step guide telling you how to do keyword research, how to set up your WordPress site, how to do newsletters, etc. Affilojetpack is a speed up process where keyword research is done for you. What I read recently, Affilojetpack needs an upgrade and the new version may be coming out soon. If you get Affilojetpack, Affiloblueprint is part of it. If you only get Affiloblueprint, Affilojetpack is not included.
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Short answer:

No, because you get AffiloBlueprint included free when you purchase AffiloJetpack.

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