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Are There Sites Online Using The Same Affilojetpack Articles

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Are There Sites Online Using The Same Affilojetpack Articles

I noticed they say each niche has 20 done for articles. If that were the case wouldn't there be hundreds of people with duplicate content using the same articles? Or do they expect you to edit them so they aren't the same as all the other membesr sites?
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Hi timelenigroup

You should re-write all the articles you receive as part of the AFJ product to prevent your site being penalised for duplicate content. I have seen a few people on Affilorama offering services to re-write articles at quite reasonable rates. I have AFJ, and used the articles as 'general themes' for new and unique content.

Hope that helps

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Hi Tim,

There are Affilojetpack members who are using the articles included in the Affilojetpack "jetpacks". However, we strongly recommend that these articles be re-written so that they match the sub-niche and are optimized for their target keywords. The same is mentioned in the Affilojetpack videos and that is why creation content is still part of the Affilojetpack training/help videos.

Richard is right. There are Affilorama members in the Affilorama Services section of the forums who can either write original content or re-write articles for you.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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