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Affilorama Premium or Affiloblueprint?

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Affilorama Premium or Affiloblueprint?


I am confused are these two the same? Or they are two different products/memeberships?

Does Affilorama Premium cover everything in Affiloblueprint, or they are similar with overlapping content, but each has partial different content?

Please advice which is the best way to go for someone new and want to start getting income as soon as possible?

In the long run, do I need to get both? Or just one of them is enough to become super affiliate? And which one would that be?

Thanks very much!!!
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Affiloblueprint is a step-by-step course showing you exactly how to set up an affiliate website over the course of 12 weeks. The advantage of Affiloblueprint is that everything is done chronologically, onscreen and explained in detail, so that you can just follow along. There is homework given at the end of each week telling you exactly what tasks you need to accomplish in order to take the next step towards building your website.

Affilorama Premium contains the very latest and greatest affiliate strategies for people who want to take their affiliate marketing to the next level. The 2010 edition includes:
* Monthly web-magazine which covers a particular sub-topic of affiliate marketing in comprehensive detail
* New monthly content: e.g. webinars and interviews with super affiliates and web millionaires
* A full suite of pro-level internet marketing tools:
* Web Hosting for 15 separate domains

These two programs complement each other.

Hope that helps :)
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Want a step-by-step training program in affiliate marketing? Affiloblueprint is a "hand-holding" course that will will show you how to build a site, drive traffic to it, and monetize it.

Go to this link to start building your profitable affiliate sites now!

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