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Affiloblueprint closed? I thought it was ....

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Affiloblueprint closed? I thought it was ....

Hmm .. I've been reading about the Affiloblueprint and think I am missing a bit of the story. I thought buying the Affiloblueprint was to get some info on how to market your website, some training videos, etc.

Why then does this have to be closed? Is there more to the Affiloblueprint scheme than just following a few videos?

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Affiloblueprint is an exact process that members can follow to start making money online, mainly video tutorials with some notes to go with them. If members get stuck at any point they can receive support in the private members forum from the Affilorama senior staff and members. I believe this is one of the reasons to close the doors as supporting members can be a hefty job to do, especially if you are constantly having new members join. Limiting the places means Affilorama can provide more quality support to the select number who bought the product.

I would predict that another version (or same) will be released in a couple months once this set of members are making money via Affiliate Marketing.
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Affiloblueprint has now reopened and will stay open indefinitely. You can sign up here:


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