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The YETTI PRO Robot is an updated champion, and it is availa

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The YETTI PRO Robot is an updated champion, and it is availa

Dear friends, we are pleased to present the revolutionary YETTI PRO Robot – completely updated the legendary Yetti.

The Simple Invest developers are so confident in the product that they provide a 15 days free test for any trader on any broker.

Why? Because the Yeti PRO Robot is a multi-currency multifunctional advisor that works confidently on any timeframe and is trained for any, even the most unpredictable market conditions! The Expert Advisor comes with proven and history-optimized templates for various diversified pairs.

➕ The profitability depends on the settings you choose:

conservative: 100% per annum
moderate: 200%-350% per annum
aggressive: 500%-2500% per annum

The new Yetti PRO robot main features:

➖15 days of testing on any broker and on any account without contacting support;
➖Smart "TT" link allows you to fix the trawl before the time;;
➖ The double locking system allows you to hedge positions in case of strong volatility;
➖ Pleasant visual, information panel and multilingualism;
➖ Downloading information from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange allows you to better navigate the market;
➖ Determination of a safe price range for trading (the main option interest levels of large market participants according to CME data);
➖ Smart drying allows you to exit the market quickly;
➖ Trading time intervals allow you to adjust the robot for trading in the required time zones;
➖ Competent and safe exit from the market before the option contracts expiration (expiration of monthly option contracts according to CME data) ;
➖ The breaking candles system allows you not to open extra orders with sudden movements;
➖ and much more

All the details and tests in our chat - SIRobots

P.S.: Download, share truthful reviews about the robot's work, it can extend the free license period for you! All profitable trading!
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I got really busy with the new block on the site... (about indicators)... and forgot about the statistics for April!

Results from Monic!

The most profitable in April were:

1) SCARAB +30%
2️) YETTI Comba RF Copy +22.5%
3️) JINN FREE EA +18.52%
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Who has lost us - we are back with you!

In fact, I'm always with you in private and in regular chat and at studies, it's just that I'm really busy at the moment and have very little time to maintain activity, you don't want to be active yourself.
There are questions in personal messages:
- Did you close?
- Are the robots still trading?
- Aren't you scammers?
And in that way.....

In short, we didn't close, you can't wait.
The global client base is growing, the robot has become in demand in the Asian segment and all is well!

I'll run through the numbers and then what's new.

Yetti Comba on Roboforex broker available for copying passed the milestone of 412 days of non-stop work with a yield of 422%!

There are 14 portfolios running on free robots for 60 days promo!

etti PRO is time-tested and market-proven.
85% of the sets show themselves to be stable and operate in full autonomy.

The Phoenix robot sets also proved themselves and the most comfortable settings were matched to them!

Satyr's robot on silver had a bit of a pain in the backstroke, but overall good results! On silver the autonomy is unfortunately not full, but only 95% of the time. But on EURGBP pair full autonomy and the flagship account of $10000 approaches the mark of a year, 306 days in operation with yield of 166% without a single intervention.

I wanted to tell you more about what's new for you, but more about that tomorrow!
About copy accounts, promotions, bonuses and innovations!

PROFIT and GOOD LUCK Dear Investors!
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Here comes tomorrow!

Of interest:
The "Indicators" section has been launched into development.
The first of the series will be the Defindicator showing expiry days for currency pairs and metals.
Boundaries of the markets for the majors.
Daily - weekly - monthly interest zones.
By this indicator it will be possible to monitor the anomalies in the market and make decisions about the positions opening and volumes recruiting.

From the new:

- A set for NZDUSD has been completed and is now available. The set is available in two versions: medium risk and aggressive.
Average monthly returns range from 12% to 30% per month.

1️ A copying account has been launched on Roboforex in the currency BTC.
YETTI PRO MULTY is trading on this account in author's build.

2️ Tests of two non-SETTI systems continue:

3️ Added account for free forex robot JINN
This account trades on EURUSD pair with a nominal lot and will be used to increase the deposit on NPBFX broker for the purpose of accumulating funds to launch new accounts on this broker.
Soon we will add new monitoring in the Robots and Fees section

4 In connection with the upgrade of hardware, support expansion in the near future plan to raise the price of VPS by 2%-5%.

5️ A complete reworking of all the existing robot sets: YETTI CLASSIC and YETTI PRO.

6️ Work is underway to develop a new system for YETTI PRO.
The purpose and essence of the system: to expand current builds and settings by aggressive trading on impulse movements.

If you have questions or can't find something, go to the chat sections or messenger to Telegram @simpleinc

➖Tariffs and conditions for rent and purchase
➖Copying robot deals without renting them
➖All robots for 60 days free
➖Statistics for robots

Good luck and profit!
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Hello, my friends!

We have worked on a closer cooperation with the NPBFX broker, which we have been working with in the test mode for more than a year. Many tests and experiments were done during this period.

After a week of calls and negotiations, they suggested the following:

1️ - Reducing the dynamic spread: this spread is widened by the broker on the news and with increased volatility. Our partners are promised to have less expansion, which will allow orders to be opened with less pressure on margin and with more frequent closures of small sets;

2️ - Problem solving with a broker through SimpleInvestGroup: the money does not come for a long time and you are worried? Did they charge you any commission? Do you want to get quick information about deposit or withdrawal method? Now we will be able to assist you with it, just like with FreshForex;

3️ - Special promotions - this means that in the future, we and NPBFX will launch promotions available only to our partners, clients and dealers. Both within the broker and within SIGroup;

4️ - the basic loyalty coefficient is 10 out of 10 (if you just register, your coefficient is 0 and during the trade you increase it, the higher it is the faster and better is the communication with managers and the broker in general)!


👉 NPBFX broker registration!

😎 Do you have any questions? Any suggestions? Contact Telegram @simpleinc
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