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Main reasons why users don`t convert

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Main reasons why users don`t convert

CPARK team is ready to share our insights on low convertion rates.
What can go wrong?
Let’s try to find out!

First of all, you need a ???? ???? ??????????. Some landing pages are a mess, but we're sure it's not about yours.
????? ????? ??????? ??????????. Being innovative is very welcome in marketing — but sometimes it doesn’t pay off. Keep it simple and don’t reinvent the wheel: scrolling down is the best solution for most websites. It’s just what users are used to doing — let’s not confuse them!
???? ????? ?????? ?????? ????????? Are you sure your landing page looks the same great on a mobile device? Take your time to check it. There are many tools allowing you to make sure your offer is mobile-friendly — and your own smartphone is also one.
???'? ??? ??:
-Stick to classical navigation and keep it simple
-Make sure everything works fine
-Mind the mobile audience.
-Think strategically and create an outstanding user experience!
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Agree, these are the things one should always consider. It can really help you convert users.
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Traffic source is also important. if you're getting traffic from irrelevant sources, chances are less that users will convert.
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Thanks for sharing this useful information. It is very helpful
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Source and credibility are important. And the focused audience should be right.
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