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Hi everybody... we are looking for affiliates to promote us

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Hi everybody... we are looking for affiliates to promote us

Hi everybody

We are professional day traders who makes a living by riding on short term trends .We use technical and fundamental analysis, mathematics, algo trading, news and a lot of experience that we earn during our 15 years adventures in the market. After understand the demand for reliable and professional signals service we decided to let other traders around the world see what we buy and sell in real time via sms and mobile.


Now we are looking to get bigger and we offer to our affiliates :

• Good conversion rate
• High average $ earned/sale as 60%
• useful information for affiliates promoting the product
• Low refund rate
• product is in a “hot” niche
• Attractive banner ads, buttons, graphics, etc for your website
• Suggested keywords that relate to your product
• An FAQ about our product so you can use to write articles
• “inside information” about how to promote our product
• articles and topics that would be of interest to potential customers
• Testimonials about your product
• Any additional pre-sales material such as a videos

For further information contact pamela adams at info@quantumbinarysignals.com

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if you are looking for affiliate program then i suggest the link http://www.poshinfosys.com/ which will help you to affiliate marketing.
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