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Confused about Marks video showing WOW

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Confused about Marks video showing WOW

I have found 5 products in Clickbank to promote and now it is time to do the keyword research, but a thought struck me like a bolt of lightning.

I have to write 20 articles using these keywords, so where do I write these articles, I thought I choose article directories like Ezine or GoArticles but when I watch Marks video using the World of Warcraft (WoW) he has a bunch of pages down the left hand side with a lot of different keyword titles, but all of them when clicked on takes you to a WoW page showing these keyword titles.

Are all those titles like Zygor Review or WoW fishing (not the exact titles) separate websites Mark is promoting, and the articles are linked to each of these pages. (I might have answered my own question LOL)

PS- I found 5 products to promote, so does that mean I should link all 20 articles to my one product in the title of my web site, or should I link 4 to my web site and 4 each to the pages on the left side.

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Larry Bauge
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Hi Larry,
These questions are answered in the Affiloblueprint course which I know you have access to.
I think you have jumped ahead of yourself here...lol ( I mean that in a nice way )
You will find that the articles can be written by you or someone else.
Also, each link on the left of Marks site is a keyword and that page has an article written about that keyword.
Then that pages article links has a picture or keyword that links to a product.

I hope that helps.
Kind Regards
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