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Would you use a Wordpress theme that allows comments?

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Would you use a Wordpress theme that allows comments?

It seems like a lot of people are using these Wordpress themes that give people the option to leave a comment on your page. To me, that seems like a bad idea. Don't know why you would want to give people that option. What if someone said something bad about the product you're promoting? That could potentially effect your sales. Does Wordpress give you the option of deleting comments like that? Or would it be a better to go with a Wordpress theme that didn't give people the option to leave a comment in the first place?

This might sound like a dumb question, but does Google pay any attention to whether sites or blogs give people the option to comment. If you did have that option on your site would it help your rankings any?

Ok, I think that's enough questions for now. :)

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Hi Kurt,

Adding a blog comment feature in your website is not a bad idea at all. However, you are right when you said that allowing people to comment on the website will give some the opportunity to provide bad feedback.

But when you weigh things out, for me I personally think that adding a comment section would help you increase your page rank as well as target the right visitors/market.

Why would blog comments increase page rank? When a lot of people take interest in your articles and there is a good exchange of conversation between you and the readers and among your readers, Google will see and consider your site as an "authority" , legitimate site- since people are really engaging conversation in your page.

Why increase in visitors or market? When people find you online because of these comments, a lot of them will begin to trust you. Believe me, even if you have several bad comments on your website, if your content is that good, people will re-visit your site and even will subscribe to you.

The bottom line is, you cannot simply please everyone. However, blog comments will enable you to see the things you need to improve on, in case you receive a bad feedback. Bad feedback or not, this will give you an edge to really provide good articles and good product choices to your readers.

I hope that helps.

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In the WordPress settings, you can moderate any comments, such that they are not seen by the public unless you approve them. Also the Akismet anti-comment spam plugin is a must.

If you do allow negative comments, it will actually INCREASE your authority (in my opinion) because it won't seem as if you are deleting the negative ones. In other words, you're being totally honest. I'd even state that in your text requesting comments ("We don't delete negative comments.") People are smart enough to accept a few negative comments as normal. They may even expect them.

Years ago, I was the professional online marketer for one excellent new product ecommerce site, where we told the public that our comments page was unmoderated - and it was. I talked the owners into doing this with some difficulty. But it worked great. We had about 85%, or more, positive or ultra-positive comments and 15%, or fewer, negative.

The product grew from being in one brick and mortar store to being in tens of thousands of stores in at least 3 countries today. And the site traffic went from almost nothing (when I inherited the newly completed site) to 43,000 a month when the project got too big for my one-man operation and the owners moved it to a large SEO firm. The company grew from one woman part time to her and her husband full time to them plus a staff of 6 when my involvement ended.

I think honesty sells.

Hope this helps....
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Hi Kurt,

I own several WP websites & I always allow comments.

There are many advantages using comments.

#1: comments = free content.
In other words it makes an update to your article

#2: comments = starting a conversation
It allows you to get feedback & add extra value to your readers.

#3: no risk at all.
Of course some people will try to spam your site & some others will want to add a negative comment but...

Askimet filters a lot of spam so you may even not notice them
It is recommended to moderate comments.

In fact the reader gets a message telling "your comment is under moderation" while you get an email (if you set up that option in WP) or notice the new comments while you login to your site.

Hope it helps!
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Yes, I would. Comments are the way you can learn about your user's mind. But yes, you'll find a millions of spams, just activate akismet and it will take care of all the spams.
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