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Would you do this?

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Would you do this?

Seeing all the spam that has come around lately had me thinking of something that might be seen in a SNL skit or one of those Elance IM in Real Life videos...

Two people are having a conversation (topic doesn't really matter). A person walks up and says "M&M is the best candy in the world! You really have to try some! It melts in your mouth, not in your hand! Want to by some?"

Before anyone can answer, the "seller" walks up to another group of people having a different conversation and says the exact same thing. This happens a few times before the person is either kicked out or leaves.

(Okay... Maybe that fiction writing last month had me thinking like this, but just picturing it, I can't help but laugh!)

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I think they most probably should be bots, if not they must be very stupid to not realize that the normal html <a href=> doesnt work here......

edit : (I just found out another one went amock after posting this, the same usual one!)
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Do not worry, guys, I am always on the lookout for those kinds of things on the Affilorama forum and have no qualms deleting links or even entire posts if I find it spammy :)

Oh no! I should not have said that! Now they know that I am one of those that does it!!! LOL
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