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Would this be an advisable strategy?

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Would this be an advisable strategy?

Hi everyone! I am new to AM, and have gobbled up as much of the articles as I could, and am planning on following the steps outlined to the letter.

I have decided to focus on personal finance/debt reduction/etc as a market area, and will stick to this for as long as it takes to start making money from it. This is also an area that I am personally very interested in, and passionate about.

My plan, and this is where I have a question, is to start a blog site, work on the layout and appearance, and actually really focus on building a blog site with a decent amount of followers/readers, without actually trying to sell or market anything. The plan is then to, once I managed to generate some traffic and get a reader base, only then start putting affilliate links and ads on the site.

This way I could focus on getting traffic and a contact list first, without the added stress of "when will I get my first sale!?!" So I build up solid skills in traffic generation, website creation and blogging first.

Would you say this is a good approach to take, even though it would then take a bit longer to profit from it. It seems that a lot of beginners try and do it the other way around, and then subsequently fail or quit as a result, because the focus is on making money without the other components or aspects being in place first.
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It sounds like you're just trying to prevent yourself from getting discouraged, by focusing on building readership first. If this is what it takes for you... absolutely, go for it.

I'll often build my sites this way too. I'll make a site filled with nice things, and then once the traffic reaches a certain point I'll put the promotions in.

This isn't because I think it HELPS to delay the promotions. It's just that I find the promotion stuff to be much less fun than making the "nice things". By putting off the thing I find most "icky" to do, I get the site up and running faster, rather than procrastinating.

Do whatever you need to do to "hack" your own mindset to get things rolling and keep them rolling :)
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It is a good plan :) I do not have a blog site but I have friends who have done exactly the way you've outlined here. They started blogging without thinking of the income they'll make from their blog sites. But once their sites gained a good readership/following, they started to monetize it. In fact, way before that, even if they are just starting, there are already receiving random emails from potential advertisers. The bottom line is: If you work hard on a publishing good content, it does not make it hard for you to get followers. :) Good luck!
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As they say online Content is king..If you can produce content that will helps solve people's problems, the money will follow..That's the mistake I made...I was concentrating too much on the money aspect and less on the quality of the content. I got so frustrated I gave up..Now I've revised my approach and I'm determined to give it another go--This time focusing on the content.
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Hey Ben, that sounds like a winning strategy!

The problem with most people doing affiliate marketing is they need money yesterday! I think there are only a few people who do affiliate marketing casually in a relaxed manner - most people find affiliate marketing because they search ways to make money RIGHT NOW.

That's why most people approach affiliate marketing by focusing on "when will I make my first sale?". I know because I had this problem too. Fortunately, I found a way to make good sales with just a small amount of content that gave me room to breathe so I can create better content that made even more sales.

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that plan should work well, a lot of our marketers did what you are planning and are seeing a lot of success.
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