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Will my Twitter page w/ PR 9 add pagerank value to my site

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Will my Twitter page w/ PR 9 add pagerank value to my site

I have a Twitter page/profile based on my website.
my website at the moment has a PR of 0/10

my twitter page has a PR of 9/10 i added a profile twitter widget on my website, over time- will this add any PR value to my website?
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Don't we wish :)

No, Twitter doesn't pass link juice through to other sites. The links are no-followed. If that worked, Twitter would turn into a massive link farm for internet marketers :)
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Are your changes not showing up on your website? Try doing a hard refresh! http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/cache/
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Those sites seem to have a no-follow link policy. Whenever I check my outbound & inbound links, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook is not included in the total. Very disappointing.
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