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Why Not Focus on Untapped Niches?

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Why Not Focus on Untapped Niches?

Hello. I'm new to Affilorama and have been devouring all the info you guys have on here over these past few days. The way the site is laid out with the (basically) step by step instructions is exactly what I've been looking for.

I do have one question regarding the choice of a niche to promote. Pretty much over and over again it's suggested that an affiliate choose items to promote (such as on Clickbank) that are in a popular niche. Niches such as weight loss, relationships, dating, dog training etc. I keep wondering why it wouldn't make more sense to try to discover a niche that has great potential for sales, is a relatively little known market but has consistent customer demand and would be easier to gain a higher ranking in the search engines? Rather than competing against thousands of other people trying to promote the same products. I'm new to this and don't doubt that the suggestions given are the best way to do it, I'm just curious as to why. Thanks!
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Hey Niterider,

That's a really good question.

The reason we recommend you look for niches that are already popular is that you KNOW it's possible to make money.

Until you've got a lot of experience as an affiliate and as an online marketer, it's very hard to know ahead of time whether an "undiscovered" niche will end up being profitable for you or not. You could end up investing a lot of time (and potentially a lot of money) into a niche that just... kinda... fizzles.

Once you've got a bit more experience, you'll be able to use your spidey senses to spot niches with huge untapped potential, but until you're a pro... it's a really risky thing to do.

If you think you've found a niche that has constant customer demand but is relatively unknown, there are a couple of possible reasons it could be like this ...

1) You've really hit the jackpot! Amazing!
2) It's not actually as amazing as it looks. Other people have tried it and failed. That's why it seems uncompetitive now -- nobody can be bothered with it.

Most of the time, sad to say, you'll be looking at option 2.

A popular niche also has the added advantage of there always being lots of products to promote, and other websites to partner up with, etc. Having a big community around a particular niche doesn't just mean "lots of competition", it also means "lots of opportunity".

To deal with competition in these big niches, what we recommend is that you zero in on a sub-niche: A smaller segment of the big niche. A sub-niche might be a smaller topic within a bigger topic (eg, "lose belly fat" inside the "weight loss" niche) or it could be a smaller segment of the audience (ie, middle aged men, vs everyone).

When you focus a little tighter, the competition becomes less and the effectiveness of your promotions becomes stronger because you know your audience better.

The good thing with the big, popular niches is that even a tiny tiny segment of these niches can be enough to make you a really good income. Your tiny tiny segment of a niche will probably earn you more than an "undiscovered" niche.
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I think sub niches are a good way to capitalize. There are a lot of undiscovered sub niches. I think the niches they chose are like in the millions, like its endless. Every one is gonna want to learn to date/fornicate, every year there is a new generation, a lot of women get pregnant, people get raises and want to go to Hawaii, everyone hits the mid level with there dog, and on and on. Theres a generation of new fat people who want to get buff all the time. Also I think to find what your looking for, youd have to do some digging. Thank you for the idea!
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Another way to find sub-niches is to type in your main niche into google or amazon and watch the alternative terms pop up.These indicate alternative terms that people are actively looking for.
Take a term that you like the look of and then put that in as the search term and see what comes up again.
I do this when researching for my Kindle books writing and I will now do it when I am writing short books to promote my website.
But I must get the website completed first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I really appreciate the great responses. I've definitely gained some valuable insights. Sounds like focusing on specific sub niches in an already successful niche is the way to go.

I have to say coming into all of this for the first time and seeing the vast number of products to promote and the huge number of people with websites and ads makes the idea of becoming successful as an affiliate seem somewhat difficult. Not so much with finding good products to promote and building websites around those products. For me getting my (future) website even recognized amongst all the others (SEO I guess it would be) seems to be the most intimidating aspect of IM.

I think with finding lesser known niches I was hoping for a way around the competition. Haha. But everything you've said definitely makes a lot of sense.

@alistairnorburn Thats a really good idea. I never really thought about that. Thanks for the tip!
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