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Why is my site converting?

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Why is my site converting?

Hello everyone today is a great day (even with snow all over outside) today marks my first ever (2 sales in one day) day.
the problem is i dont understand whats triggering the sales.

Let me explain--the site has been live from jan-2009 i made $172.00 in 2009 from this site (not a lot i know) I have done alot of testing and trying new things. in jan 2010 i made over $190.00 alone--then came a dry spell from feb-early march with no sales.

I like graphic design and like my website to be organized and neat so (keeping all the content the same) i reorganized the content into text blooks sort of like tile flooring (i like it but im not the one buying from it LOL).

Anyway,within an hour after launching a ppc campaign i made a sale (yesterday) then today i made 2 more sales. So im asking you guys why do you think it has made progress so fast? the redesign? the content?

here is my ppc landing page

Why do you think it is converting to sales?
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I think it is mainly the PPC campaign. The redesign undoubtedly helped a lot too.
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The redesign definitely helped but also be aware that sometimes when you stop running your PPC campaigns for an extended amount of time, when you relaunch the campaings, you're site is one that a lot of people haven't seen.

This makes your site seem like the answer they've been looking for and makes it seem like it was really hard to find so you tend to get a boost of sales.

But in many cases once people are seeing your sites ads on a regular basis, your sales will flatten out again.
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Great that you made those sales.

I just visited the site, and I think you should split test it against different version of your squeeze page.

Just use website optimizer for this. The more you test and improve your website, the more you should make. No secrets here.

Did you do this yet?

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