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Why do some great sites fail?

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Why do some great sites fail?

Here in the forum I've seen many member with really great websites, who have followed all the instructions in the blueprint and in some great niches with great keywords also, but still their sites are not generating any sales can anybody tell me why?
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There can be a lot of reasons why sites fail, and I know big thing is failure fatigue. Below is an excerpt from an email I recently sent to my subscribers explaining this phenomenon.

One thing that I often come across with newbies - particularly when they get involved in PPC marketing is what I call "failure fatigue". To put it simply - they just get sick and tired of not achieving their goals.

Unfortunately, instead of trying to figure out why they're not succeeding, many people just give up - resigning themselves to the fact that they won't ever be able to do it.

But you'd be surprised how many of these people are just a few simple steps away from success.

I just came across this video, and though you might benefit from it. It shows how a struggling website, making only tens of dollars a day can turn into hundreds of thousands a year just by using something called "The Pivot Theory" - might be worth checking out:

==> http://www.affilorama.com/redirect/ppcloophole
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Every time I see some success, I get wrapped up in trying to be successful that I forget to keep building and working. :) Not good, but I'm improving of late.
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I agree with that Mark. I think a lot of the reason people quit when they get to that stage is a lack of self confidence. As you say in your webinar, you have to believe you can do anything you set your mind to.

and not to push your stuff too much, but I must say Supreme Self Confidence is the reason I am still here. I almost quit. Thanks to what I learned there, I found the confidence to keep going.
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Yes I agree with Mark to it is so hard to stay focused when a campaign fails. The good thing is at least here we have good support. I think if I found this when I was younger I would have never been able to complete my second campaign now I have done four but I have had a sale two months in a row no checks but sooner or later.I think what makes it harder now is people are buying less so its harder to get away with any mistakes and still make a few sales.
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