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Who Wants to Form A Mastermind?

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Who Wants to Form A Mastermind?

My name is Dasol, and I want to form an Internet marketing mastermind.

I've heard that forming a mastermind is one of the key ways to succeed in any business.
Like many of you who read this post, I also want to do well in this business.
By leveraging each other, I think we can all achieve the same goal - Financial freedom.

I am planning to form a group of upto 10 people.
The meeting will take once a week for around one hour or more.
The method is either using go-to-meeting or msn messenger. If there are better methods,
please let me know.

Please send me an email to twentyinc@gmail.com if you are interested.

Please introduce yourself, and let me know 5 time spots (or more) that you can dedicate to this group.

I'll see what works the best for the group and organize the first meeting and let you guys know!

There will be no fees unless we use a meeting system that requires a small monthly fee.

Thanks a lot.

To our success,

P.S. I've posted this messege a couple of months ago, but i got really busy.
Now, I am really committed to form a mastermind group to boost the momentum.
Even if you are a superaffiliate already and are financially free, feel free to
join us for feedbacks for your problems. We'll also share the recent industry news
everyweek to stay updated!
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Hello Dasol,
Great idea! A mastermind is a phenomenal way to improve bottom line profits. I'll email you asap.
Immense success,
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Hi Dasol

Excellent idea! I'll be emailing you shortly as well :-)

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