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Who do you outsource with?

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Who do you outsource with?

After reviewing one of the Affilorama vids

I'd like to know which outsourcing companies do you use that hire full time employees dedicated to you and your projects. Thanks all. :)
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Mark recommends iWriter for outsourcing your website content:
3 Good Reasons to try iWriter

and uses Odesk to outsource link building:
Outsourcing Link Building

Mark also uses full time outsourcers from elance, fiverr, and vworker:
Outsourcing site setup - tips
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I've had good luck with eLance over several years. Just used them last week to develop a very comprehensive mailing list of all architects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Got over 170 names (with many details) for a fee of $50 to a firm in India.

I've had complete databases (with security and web page interfaces) developed for $125 (also a firm in India) with eLance.

Hope this helps...

_jim coe
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Sorry to say that you will be very lucky to have anyone recommend specific companies which they use. Marketers are always quite "discrete" about such things.

Personally I've had terrible success trying to interview candidates via oDesk. In my case half the time they quite literally lie about their experience. The other half of the time they are too lazy to attend interviews which is very frustrating when I sit up half the night to interview them and my job's offer about 3 times more than the going rate... That's happened quite a few times. :(

There must be many truly great contractors out there but with my luck so far I've failed to find any reliable ones. When you do find some reliable workers then do your best to keep them and pay them well for their efforts.I've given up on oDesk and will use other sites from now on.
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