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which way to go

mark schaaf
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which way to go

I have used the free stuff that Mark has here for a while and was thinking about becoming a paying member of one of his services but not sure which one to use. I know I am not going to use any kind of web templates because I use a great web editor which has some good templates although I like making my sites from scratch. Also since I am not new to this which of his programs would be a good choice for someone like me who isn't new but needs more information and instructions to fill in what I don't know. Thanks
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I'm a big fan of AffiloBlueprint. It was the training from this that got me started and I still haven't found anything even close to being as complete for learning this business. It was just updated for all the recent changes too.

The step by step teaching made it easy for me.
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Hi Mark,

Have you gone over the Support Center section? It may be best to read the different products there so you will have an idea on which one is best for you.

In case you have further concern or inquiry, you can email us or post your concern in this forum.

I hope that helps.

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