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Which e-commerce platform should I join?

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Which e-commerce platform should I join?

Hi. I'm a newbie in e-commerce. I want to try to open an online store, but I don't know what to begin. I search and find out some platforms. Big ones are Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. Which should I choose to start? Is there anyone selling on these platforms? Please help!
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You may check Salehoo free resources here to learn about how to get started with your e-commerce business:

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you are right to ask people who use already a platform. Users are more honest than platforms comparison paid websites.

There are platforms that offer a free trial. For example, I think, Lemonstand and Shopify: 14 days free trial.

The page suggested by maryt is really informative (I just read the comparison between Amazon and Ebay), and here is an informative but also funny written article from their blog for beginners like you and me

If you google "ecommerce platforms comparison 2018" and then klick "Images" you get a lot of diagrams. (Diagram = no long text to read!)
At least you can familiarize with some of the most important concepts on this field.

I think the dream of every e-seller is to become platforms indipendent and build an own website. Good luck!
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It is also important where you are located.
Salehoo's blog offers another article with a interesting infographic about the country distribution of the platforms users ("Usage by physical location of businesses"). Really interesting stuff

TrustRadius comparison
About themselves, they write "The TrustRadius Top Rated awards are unique in that they are an unbiased reflection of customer sentiment, based solely on user satisfaction scores."
https://www.trustradius.com/buyer-blog/ ... erce-2018/

This is a comparison of e-commerce platforms based on users (e-vendors) reviews.
(I wouldn't take into consideration the platforms with less than 100 reviews.)
Ecwid is the >100 reviews platform with the highest star rating (4.8).
Considering both reviews number and star rating, the three best are (spoiler alert!) ...
Shopify (2.000 reviews),
Big Commerce (200 reviews),
Woo Commerce (460 reviews).
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hi, you can try out Shopify platform. it helps you create your own store and design it. furthermore, it has various apps for SEO, marketing, selling, checking out and so on. if you are a newbie, Facebook Chat Box(http://bit.ly/2Px6g55) is an effective app to improve customer service. Remember that customer service is an important thing to attract clients and get success on selling.
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