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which App/Software do you use for managing a team of people?

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which App/Software do you use for managing a team of people?

Hi there..

I am looking for an App or Software that can help me manage a team of people with regards to keeping them accountable, posting new work for them that is required to be completed.

Just basically to have an online tool that can help me manage requirements of a job.

Anyone can help?

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I've used Basecamp in the past or a service like Yammer or SocialCast.

However, I've had best results by not trying to manage them or keep them accountable, but by really making them feel included and part of the team, not just a cog in the machine.

Let them know that you appreciate them and that you respect them and that you both have the same goals and you'd be surprised about how amazing they will perform.

No need to crack the whip :)

But that's just my experience.
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Hi Duraid,

I used to work with Slim Timer and Manic Time. There's also GoalKeeper but I've used that only a few times. The best so far for me is Clocking It. You create a task and assign it to someone then they "clock in" to it when they start working.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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