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Where is My Download?

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Where is My Download?

Good day
downloaded.or tried to download my first Blogging lesson but can't find it among the downloads. I have MEDIA PLAYER and WINZIP and use Windows 7.Tech savvy pls. help
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Hi Wanda,

Which download are you referring to? Could you please post a link to the download here?

I appreciate your patience and hope to hear from you soon.
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Hiya Wanda,

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is see if you can arrange the content in your downloads folder by date... so that the thing you downloaded most recently is at the top.

Or you can search your computer for a file name containing "blog".

Like Cecille says, if you let us know the name of the video or lesson you're trying to download, we might be able to tell you exactly what you need to search for.

But you should probably clean out that downloads folder as well! A little housekeeping is good for the soul. :)
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Each browser has different location for storing download files. go to setting of browser you have used then check the download folder link from there. then check your file in specified folder.you may get your file in that folder.
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