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Where is everybody??

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Where is everybody??

Boy, you would think that with such an awesome resource as Affilorama
there would be people posting questions on here constantly.
Maybe most are still on their Christmas break....LOL

I am so gratefull for all the help I recieve on here. I just hope some dont
get sick of seeing my posts on here. At some point, as I learn more I
know that I also will be able to help others with their questions.

Dont forget: The answers to your question really help others who may be
having the same problems.

Blessings :D
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I'm not sick of any questions, that is why I am here - to help you all.

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Yep, never feel that you're posting too many questions. And you're right, once you master this, you'll be able to help out people too.

I'm a bit surprised that more people don't post. I've learnt more from my interactions with people, than watching the videos.

If there are any lurkers reading this, don't worry about feeling silly or anything, just get out there and post questions. Thats why you joined Affilorama right?
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