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Where Do I Get Windows 7 License?

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Where Do I Get Windows 7 License?

After replacing hard drive in my dell 5040 laptop it wont activate. Can't read label on bottom and all the product key finders return the default key which cant be used to activate. Contacted dell who sent me recovery media for windows 8, which can install windows 7 if you have installation disc and product key. Windows pre-loaded and no discs came with the purchase. Downloaded the software from digital river but it still would not activate and am now getting not geniune message.My Friend Suggest me about this site : Link removed by moderator
Can someone please help me either find a way to recover my key or tell me where I can buy a legitimate windows 7 key ?
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The only way to get a legit Windows 7 key is to purchase it from reputable stores like Amazon.com. You can try get it from Windows directly but I don't think it's available in all regions since they're promoting Windows 8 now.

Hope that helps .Have a good day!
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I've heard that Windows 10 is available for download in Beta form now. I don't know why you would need outdated software like Windows 7 now as it will soon be out of warranty without updates.
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