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Where can I find information on my niche?

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Where can I find information on my niche?

I want to start a website on a specific niche of my interest.I already have watched videos provide in affiloblueprint for this.Apart form the sources given in videos I want to gather more information of my subject to ensure quality.Kindly suggest me some websites from where I can research my subject and gather quality contents.
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The sources will depend on your chosen niche. But you can easily search for related websites via Google search.

You may also check out news sites (like NYTimes, Cnn, etc.) for topics on your niche. Using Buzzsumo is also a great way to find topics for your niche. You may also utilize Google Trends.
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Type in your niche in Google and see what websites come up and browse them one by one. If you're in the weight loss niche, then type "weight loss" in Google. You'll see a lot of websites related to weight loss, and most of them will probably either have a product you can promote, or contain information about your niche.
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when we search in google, generally we put the word we want to know about. for ex. 'weight loss' appears more than 25.5 million times, but how do i find out exactly how much sites are functioning presently related to weight loss or any other niche for that matter.
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