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When to Add Affiliate Links to Website

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When to Add Affiliate Links to Website

With all the Google updates and changes, I am not sure if I should wait a while before adding affiliate links to my website. How do you handle this post Panda, etc.?

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I think you should post more quality articles first before posting your affiliate links.
But correct me if I am wrong..
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Personally, I would be more interested in list building than putting affiliate links on your site.

I'd rather just have opt-in forms and then promote offers through a newsletter. That way you can build a list and promote multiple times rather than just hoping for someone to buy after one click.

Hope this helps.
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So long as any outbound links on your site are no follow, then you shouldn't have any real problems with Google.

They understand you will be linking to affiliate sites, but these links will need to be no follow so as not to pass page rank to a third party site.

Something else you might be worried about is what's called a 'thin affiliate site', which is basically any affiliate site that provides very little original content of it's own.

You won't have an issue with this situation, so long as you publish unique articles on your site and not just product reviews.
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