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When is the right time to monetize my blog?

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When is the right time to monetize my blog?

When should you start adding Adsense, affiliate links, amazon ads etc.. to your new blog? I'm not saying I would use all of these at the same time. Maybe switch off and see which does better.

Does the amount of traffic determine when to start monetizing? If so what is a reasonable guide to go by? Meaning is it "X number of visits per day, by week, by month"? What is the minimum number of visitors?

Do you start when you think you have good content with little traffic?

Appreciate opinions, Cattails
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Everybody has their own opinion but I say as soon as you get done reading this post you go and get yourself an affiliate link (or something) and put it up. No sense waiting. Somebody could happen onto your site and you will have let an opportunity slip by if you do not have anything there for them to click.
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I agree. You want to be fully monetized and ready to collect sales as soon as your site goes live.
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Hi Guys,
I am not disagreeing but personally I would wait a couple of months to FULLY monetise it.
I am finishing up http://www.troystips.com and I don't want to bombard my subscribers or visitors with tons of ads, banners and adsense right of the bat.
but, either way is fine.. as long as you plan it right.
Just my 2 cents.
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