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What should I do with this site http://www.easierwayz.com?

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What should I do with this site http://www.easierwayz.com?

Hi, I got Mark's Affiloblueprint just over a year ago, and it is the best training that I have seen. However prior to getting AB, I had a website built for me which was targeting the weight loss niche.

Please keep in mind that at the time i knew absolutely nothing about internet marketing, nothing about seo ( had never heard about it), nothing about keywords, or anything else for that matter. It was only after going through the AB training that i realised what an idiot i had been about the weight loss site that i had paid good money to be created for me.

I targeted these keywords for the weight loss site

weight loss
lose weight
losing weight

I'll give you all a minute to stop laughing and compose yourselves....

Please keep in mind that I was completely ignorant of ranking factors and competition, however even I cringe when i think of what i went after.

I actually need some advice about this site and how i can make money from it. Also remember that if there was a wrong way to build a site, I managed it really well with this one. The fact is that it is a bit of a mess.

However for the last month or so these are my rankings for this site in the UK.

How to lose weight - Number 5 on page 1 of google - searches, exact match -14800 in the Uk

Losing Weight - Number 2 on page 2 of google - searches, exact match - 8000 in the uk

Lose Weight - Number 2 on page 2 of google - searches, exact match - 22000

Weight Loss - bottom of page 2 of google - searches, exact match - 74000

These are all monthly searches.

Now i would like to say that i have managed to get this high in a hugely competitive market by my seo skills and insider knowledge. However the truth is that i don't know how it has happened. Over the last 3 years i have been throwing links at this site from srticle directories, directories, web 2.0 properties, and so on.

There was no plan in place like you get with affilioblueprint. There was no real focus on making the site seo friendly. I just did stuff when i had the time.

The problem I have is that i am not making anything from this site. I have a bunch of affiliate programs on the homepage, but i am not selling anything at all. For the keyword "how to lose weight" the 4-5 sites above me are authority sites which are not selling anything. I don't seem to be getting much traffic either.

Tell me if i am wrong, but surely there should be money to made from this position?

I don't know what i can do, so I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look and make some suggestions. There is no need to be polite and lie to me about how the whole structure of the site is crap. I learned this from the AB training ( thanks for that Mark : ) ).

I have other sites which were built through the AB method which were set up properly from day one, but this one... well i'd be grateful if you could take a little time to check it out. The address is below.


P.S. Please don't ask about the domain name, I'm embarrassed enough.
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My suggestion is to start tweaking your site and the articles to include keywords with longer tails. The longer tailed keywords have less competition and should allow you to begin ranking higher on the search engines.

Nothing is written or created in stone. Make changes by adding new articles or just rewriting the ones you have. We all make mistakes. I make them everyday. Correct revise the things you now know are weak.

This is not much help I know, but it is what I have had to do. I too, have sites that were created before I knew what to do. I have and continue to tweak them to make them work. You can do the same. I hope this is in some small way helpful.
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I agree with newstart.
You should revise, or even start entirely from scratch if you have to. Look at the strengths and weaknesses of your website; maximize the former and minimize the latter.
The good thing about that domain is that it already has age and the homepage is PR2.
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you can change things around to target the keywords you want, and better target your customers.

the problem with these keywords is exactly what you are experiencing they are hard to rank for, yet they dont convert well. people searching for them are usually looking for free information, not a product.

the review page actually inst too bad, but i wouldn't use it as the home page. I use the homepage to welcome people, and explain who I am and what my site is about. the second page will be the best weight loss programs or some other less competitive keyword targeted to people looking for weight-loss products.

a little tweaking of your content, and some back linking with the keywords you want to target, and you should be able to build up your rankings.

The first thing you need to change is the monetization. you have an opt in, adsense affiliate products, way too many choices here for people.

instead, get rid of adsense, it is mostly a waste of time. focus on your opt in and your affiliate products.

Don't feel too bad. your site has age and PR. that works in your favor. Honestly, compared to some of the sites i se, yours is not that bad. just need to get some seo going on, build up some traffic, and start using some of the AB techniques to target buyers rather than freebie seekers.

you really want to build a list in this niche. this is a problem that most people will work on for years, and you can continue to market to them over time, if you treat them right.
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First thing, do not feel bad about any previous Website mistakes, IM is a journey and you will make many dud Websites, go after silly keywords, and struggle to get traffic. But as you go on and you find resources such as AffiloBlueprint things get more interesting and you learn from your previous actions and are put onto the correct path to earn a good income through affiliate marketing.

A few things to help the Website:

1. Cloak your affiliate links they are all raw. Very important! Use PHP redirects or a service such as budurl.com.
2. Experiment with and without adsense and see if your conversion increases on affiliate sales.
3. Have one specific product that you want to promote and display it above the fold on all pages so that it will draw attention and receive clicks.
4. Start a newsletter list, give away a free gift for people opting in. Many affiliate merchants will have free products you can give away in the affiliate resource section of their Website. Display the opt-in box in an obvious place where it will get noticed such as top of the sidebar on the right.
5. Add more content to the site. Go after medium to long tail keywords and beef up your site. The more content and "thicker" your website the better rankings you will get and the possibility to show up for more search terms goes up.
6. Keep up promotions for your Website, never stop! Track your rankings and see how they improve over time as you build links. A varied link profile is best.

Hope that helps!
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