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What Profit Were You Making Within A Year?

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What Profit Were You Making Within A Year?

A few affiliate questions:

How long did it take for you to get your first sale?
What profit were you making within a year?
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My very first year doing affiliate marketing my total came in at about 10, 12K USD. First sale came pretty fast, the hard part is about getting traction for ongoing sales. It's not always the case that traffic equals to conversion. All this while I was at university.
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Hi tjgunton,

It would be hard to ascertain since each member has a different skill level when it comes to setting up an affiliate site/business.

Most people who do well invest at least an hour per day, usually it might take 4 to 8 weeks to make that first sale, then maybe 6 months to get to $1k a week (some people take shorter, others longer), then a year is a good time frame for a diligent student to get to 10k a month. Some people do it faster, others take longer but stay the path and you'll get there.

According to Mark,
within 60 days, the range would be between $0 and $1000 a week. It's really hard to give an exact dollar value due to ftc regulations we can't guarantee you'll make money. Average is low because most people give up within a few days of starting, it's surprising how few people are really motivated the moment they find their first little obstacle to overcome. If you are persistent, and post your site for review by me on the members forum and stay the course, you'll do very well. Within 60 days, I have no idea, within 6 months or a year, if you're doing the right things, you'll be replacing your day job. You could make anything, depends if you take things further or not following my 5 million dollar code product (which comes as a bonus to affilojetpack), or if you scale things up with paid traffic, etc. It would be entirely possible for you to be making several thousand a week, like some of my past students, though not everyone gets there, some people give up after 5 days, it's really not an easy question to answer as it's different for different people depending how passionate they are and how diligent they are. Stay the course, watch my millionaire mindset upgrade video (very important), post your website as you build it for review on the affilojetpack private members forum, and keep persisting and you'll be making great money in 12 months from now, far higher than any day job.

Hope this helps!
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