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What is the Point of a Blog?

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What is the Point of a Blog?

Ok...here's a crazy question. So what is the point of a blog?? If you have an affiliate website going (through Affilotheme of course:-) ), why would you need a blog attached to your site.....www......./blog.com

Why wouldn't you just create a space on your website and do daily logs or articles or updtaes. Whatever you want to call it. I mean, that's all a blog is correct? A daily newsletter. Can't you put that right in your front page of your site? wouldn't that just be an internal blog, so to speak, and not have to worry about attaching, or linking a blog to your site.

Please let me know if I'm just way out in left field on this. I have thick skin, I can take it...HA HA

Thanks everyone. These forums are awesome by the way!!

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Hey Jason, Your on the right page. I guess its just called a blog because that what everybody call it but the whole idea behind it is to help build trust with good content plus develop long term traffic. Its good for SEO purposed. It does not have to nearly be a blog. An online newsletter is a fantastic idea.
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The point of a blog is that it's just another way to write content on the internet. Some affiliates prefer to "blog" because they want to build a community or following of people, or they've got a topic that has lots of newsworthy things happening in it. (Eg, gaming, sport, celebrity gossip).

Other affiliates prefer to create websites that don't change so much.

I don't have a blog for any of my affiliate sites. If there was a topic that I felt particularly knowledgable in, or passionate about, then I might consider it. But I think a blog is kind of like having a child... they need constant care, attention, and feeding, or it becomes very obvious you're neglecting it!
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