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What is the link to Anik Singal's free videos?

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What is the link to Anik Singal's free videos?

A while ago Mark recorded a webinar with Anik from AClass2.com and during the webinar Anik mentioned some free Videos in which he goes over exactly step by step how he does screen capture videos inside products and makes him I $360,000 and I was wondering what the link to see the videos was? The link mentioned during the webinar tinyurl.com/anikreport just takes you to the sales page. Sooooo how do I get those free Videos? Can someone please give the correct link to me thanks
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I'm sorry but the videos from Anik Singal are no longer available. The webinar that you listened to were recorded more than a month ago and the link has already expired :(
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I was looking for the webinar recording with Anik Singal as well, is it available to premium members?
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Hi Arthur272,
If you're referring to the webinar Mark did with Anik Singal last August, the recording is located on this page:
http://www.affilorama.com/blog/affiliat ... ar-details
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