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What is the best "pop up" style to use?

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What is the best "pop up" style to use?

Hay everyone, just quick question, i have recently redisigned/updated one of my websites and would like to inform all visiters.

So i figure a pop up is the best way, however i remember a while back the word was that pop ups were not good, or google did not like them or somthing to that affect.

But i still see people using them on affiliate sites- i personally like the lightbox effect but thats not an option on xsitepro.. so what pop style should i use?

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pop over seems to work the best. popups don't really work so well now that most people have pop up blockers. pop overs work as a java script on the page so the blockers wont block it. pop unders, people tend to ignore and simply close because they don''t know where it came from.
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I agree with James based on my own experiences:)
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I use hello bar as a popover on my site. It's not as intrusive and you can customize it to however you please.

I think more people are likely to x out of a pop up if they don't know what the website is really about, so I give them time to figure out if this is a website that could benefit them.

Also, with popovers, try to wait at least 20-30 seconds before it appears on the screen. I've noticed a lot of sites that have popovers, pop up instantly-- (it personally drives me nuts because I have no idea what the site has to offer and it's already asking me to sign in).

But definitely check out www.hellobar.com.... it a pop up that slides down from the top of your page and it's a lot less annoying:)
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