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What is a good conversion rate?

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What is a good conversion rate?

Hi all,
Just a quick question, whats the average conversion rate of an an affiliate site? what conversion rate should I be looking for as a beginner given that I am sending targeted traffic and have followed the guidelines in Affiloblueprint? thanks

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This is definitely a natural question to ask when starting out in affiliate marketing but without bursting anyone's bubble there is really no definitive answer.

I know as a general rule of thumb some affiliates will work on a 1% click-thru rate then a 1% conversion rate. So essentially to make one sale they bank on 1000 visitors. Of course it can often come much sooner than that but thats the guideline they give themselves.
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I'm getting about only about 50 visitors a day right now but I'm averaging about 1 sale per 214 visitors. When I get to 500 visitors a day I should be good to go. It's only a matter of time really.

Here are some recent clickbank stats if this helps Chris.

## JANUARY 2010 ##
Hops Per Visitor: 22%
Hops Per Page View: 14%
Avg. Hops Per Day: 8.57
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I have a Golf site now 3 weeks old and have had 1746 affiliate redirect clicks, 404 Ezine views etc BUT NOT ONE sale.
Am I reading the data incorrectly? Is my site a failure or am I making mistakes? I have tested the redirects by purchsing a product which worked perfectly. Urgent help will definately be appreciated. My website is "www.senior-golfers.com"

Ed Lange
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Fyi these are just my personal thoughts..


I don't think your opening paragraph fits with your overall goal which seems to be to get people to opt in to your free ebooks. Your talking about how lucrative the market is and how you watch the golfing shows.
A person who loves golf loves golf.. what do they care if you watch the golfing shows or the market can be profitable. My thoughts on what a senior golfer would be a professional and successful man. Someone who has business meetings on the green and loves the game. Someone who constantly works to improve everything to be the best because they want to be as successful on the green as possible. Maybe puts them in the power position they are used to?

You have to remember you are selling something, a free ebook. It requires sales copy just like a paid ebook and this ... does not make me want the book
Finally, I want you to…

* enjoy your game
* improve your score
* play well.
* have bragging rights at the 19th hole

Now I am not anywhere close to in the golfing niche so all this is off the top of my head but maybe something to the effect of
improve your golf swing so you can hit the ball farther on the green
learn to put like the pros so you never over par again
discover the secret tips to practice that are going to have everyone wanting to golf with you

Now you would have to do some research to put things into the golfing lingo, but you get the idea. Make them want it .. badly. If your free ebooks are yours you might even offer on craigslist or a golfing forum for five people to try it out and give you a testimonial and that you require a digital picture. You can offer to pay them $5 via paypal. Golfers would probably love this. On the right hand widget side I would recommend a second opt in as well as one below the testimonials if you do them.

On the right hand side all those articles seem clustered because there is so many maybe break them down into categories and direct them to a page with clickable titles telling them what it is about? Also you might want to change your permalinks because /golf-17 and /golf-19 aren't as helpful if you keyword was improve golfing swing: "Improve golfing swing and hit harder and longer"

All these are just off the top of my head so yeah. Good luck.
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Greetings Sadonathan.
Thank you for the informative and pertinent points made. I will certainly make use of them.
"Carpe Diem"
Ed Lange
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