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What happens if google bans your site....

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What happens if google bans your site....

Hi all - I thought i was doing really well - got my first site operational within the first week of joining the course and made a sale on my first weekend at the end of that week - needless to say I was wrapped. Wrote about 10 articles to get to that point... I did however hone all of those articles until they were A+ within traffic traffic travis page analysis....

Using traffic travis however when I go to determine Search Engine placement I get all zero's after it being live for just over two weeks now - and no further sales....

So I found a tool from seohosting ( http://www.seohosting.com/seo-tools.php ) that tells me that my site is now banned from google..... woe is me! Is it possible to "over optimise". I'm beginning to loose faith - is there any hope in this situation?


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I've found that Google sometimes initially ranks pages high when it first finds them then they disappear off the radar for a while until your SEO starts to take effect.
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I agree with MartinG. IMO, Google does not ban sites, but they do take the site from natural listing results really fast.

You mentioned about "over optimizing"...what do you mean by this? Do you mean you have very high keyword density on your articles? Follow Mark's technique, 1% KW Density. For a 500 word article have 1 keyword within the 1st 50 words and then spread the next 4 keyword placement every 100 words.

If your articles have a very high keyword density, google bot analyzes it as a spam site so the score probably tends to be negative and then suddenly you cannot find your site on the natural search engine results.

Google is all about relevancy because they want to give their customers the best search experience on the internet. However, they probably are taking it an insult if you over optimize your site by having articles with very high keyword density - they're probably thinking "Oh Darren obviously wrote these articles for the search engine bot and not for our visitors."

I hope you can re-analyze your site so you can get it back to the natural search listings.
Good luck!

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