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What happened to Squidoo?

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What happened to Squidoo?

What's going on with Squidoo? Are they shutting down?
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Squidoo is moving some of it's best pages over to HubPages.

Direct quote from the email I received from Squidoo.

"All traffic to Squidoo will automatically be redirected to the relevant pages on HubPages instead.Squidoo lenses will cease to be visible in September or early October. It's important to note that we'll only be moving our highest rated and most useful content to HubPages. Some pages will no longer be hosted online, so it's prudent to go to your dashboard and download an archive of what you've built so you can keep it forever."

Hope this helps.
Sad to see it go.
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I wonder how many lenses we will all lose when this happens?

If they are going to only move the highest rated content then I suspect quite a few links for many are going to be lost?
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I have used HubPages 2 years ago with somewhat results and thought about re-writing old posts and re-post them again.
At the same time I've being considering using Squidoo as well but now I'm a bit confused as I did not know there is a connection between the two.
The question is will I get penalized on either of them if I cover same topic and have same title same aff.codes!? Not a duplicated content, new post but same keyworded title!?
Sorry is it's a bit off topic.
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Squidoo has been around a really long time and survived a lot of Google algorithm changes. I'm just surprised something like this didn't happen before. During it's best days, Squidoo only worked very well for some people, especially those who fully utilized the Squidoo community. For many, the Squidoo website was just about backlinking to other sites. And, really maybe that's what really killed Squidoo. Just too much spam.
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