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What do you think of "Site Build It!"?

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What do you think of "Site Build It!"?

Hey Guys,

I heard that SBI is really great tool do you think I should be a member or just stick with AB?
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The Money is definitely in the list. At least that is what everybody thinks.
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I have three sites with SiteBuilder. They have worked well for me. If you plan to have more than one site they are very economical. Do buy the regular version, not the lite one. Check out www.gardenmagiconline.com to see a site built there without templates. David Soper
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You need US$299 per year to keep your SBI sites up and running. Building your own sites and finding a hosting that allows unlimited domains will cost a lot less. It would be beneficial for you if you actually learn how to build your own site and do your own research and SEO instead of just being given a site and expected to take it from there.
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