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What distinguishes good from bad Affiliate Programs?

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What distinguishes good from bad Affiliate Programs?

Hello everyone,

this is my first post here. Pleasure to be part of this great community. My name is George, founder of eCommerce shopping cart startup plug&paid.

We recently launched our own simple banner/link based Affiliate program, and I was interested to hear from some of the community members here their opinions about what distinguishes good from bad Affiliate programs? What exactly do you look for before you jump on-board?

My personal intent is to take away some of these findings and improve our system (where needed), before we begin marketing the program to Affiliates.

Look forward to a fruitful exchange of ideas and opinions.

p.s. FYI, I am also writing a blog post about this topic and will cross-reference some of the statements taken from here.

Thank you.
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I always look for affiliates and consumer reviews, the vendor's squeeze page, and the availability of support/assistance. Having a great product is not enough, you will have to look at people's feedback, how the squeeze page sells, and most of all how good and fast the support is when it comes to customer's inquiries.
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I think, better to type the name on this program and search through google. If this affiliate program is trustful enough, you will find proof)
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One of the most important things in Affiliate program is well-functioning support system. Affiliates can face with large amount of questions and issues, so it is very important to help them in solving it. If an affiliate feels himself as a part of something like a team, he will do his best. Be ready to disuss new ideas and proposals of improvement.
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To be honest, you just have to make a research into it. Try out the service yourself, see if people are interested in buying the product. If you think it is a unique service than give it a try.
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Search for customer and affiliate reviews, what are the benefits of joining, growth potential, affiliate support and assistance, commission and payment structure.
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he best exhortation I can give you about associate projects is this: Participate in them dependent on your own involvement with them as a business. On my pages, I attempt to make suggestions where I feel that working together there is solid counsel, regardless of whether I have an offshoot association with that organization. For instance, the greater part of the connections on my booksearch page are to stores where I have no partners. Obviously, it helps if the associate has some connection to the substance of your page.

Then again, Vishnu, if an organization consumes you as a subsidiary, there is a decent shot that they will consume your customers and the general population you prescribe to them. Considering that, here is my as a matter of fact actually one-sided rundown of prescribed offshoot programs constructed report with respect to my own understanding, Affilorama is a good place to start affiliate business monetize your website. I also come across a website name revglue which was offering web design for your affiliate website see revglue(.)com/bespoke for details. No matter what choose the right niche for your affiliate program. A niche is something you know personally and have experience and interest in it.
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Look for affiliate and customer testimonials, what are the advantages of linking, expansion possible, affiliate aid and commission help and payment structure.
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Look for affiliate and customer testimonials, what are the advantages of linking, expansion possible, affiliate aid and help, commission and payment structure.
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