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What Can I Do To Make 1 Sale?

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What Can I Do To Make 1 Sale?

my blog http://language4me.com has clickbank , sharesale amd also adsense products. People are clicking , but not buying . I do see from my clickbank account that I am receiving 3 or 4 impressions a day . Am I doing anything wrong or what should do to make at least a sale with my website?
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You cant make them buy something!
Just be patient.
Get more targeted traffic to your website and more products, create reviews about those products or services that you are promoting. Make them trust to you!
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There are a lot of factors why you are not receiving a sale yet. But you can start improving your site by working more with your traffic. Increasing your traffic is a good thing but I would suggest you focus more on the quality of your traffic- where your market is coming from and if you are targeting the right market. You can check these factors by going through your site keywords. Re-analyze your keywords and see if your keywords have the following criteria:

*buyer intent keywords
*emergency keywords
*product keywords

Then you also have to check if you've done proper on page SEO. Having an SEO checklist would be helpful. As for your marketing campaigns, try to mix your campaign with different techniques. Try to do paid ads if you haven't done this yet. Then see what else you can improve with your off page SEO campaign.
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Just don't give up! You can do it. Be patient and keep working your plan. You're on the right track!
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Aside from analysing the traffic and keywords on your site like Mary said, I also suggest looking at the content on your site. Getting traffic to your site is only the first step in getting sales. The second step is to convince them to buy and that's where your articles come in.

Product reviews help a lot in converting traffic to sales versus information or how-to articles. You can write articles that focus on a solution to a crisis too, and place your affiliate link in between paragraphs of the article.

Proper page and traffic analysis can help you get to the why you're not making a sale and help you better plan your strategy to get one.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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There are always good days and bad days in online sales, so don't give up. Meanwhile you should constantly work on driving more targeted traffic to your blog.
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