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What can an Affiliate do with 100,000+ optin leads?

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What can an Affiliate do with 100,000+ optin leads?

My first post. And I wouldnt say Im new to affiliate marketing. As Ive been researching and immersing myself for over a Year and a half. (But I am struggling - Why?)
Trust me I know heaps and Im subscribed to about 18 Newsletters...Most of them the Internet Gurus...You know the usual, here with Mark Ling, Eric Holmund, Mike Filsaime, ShawnCasey, Mathew Glanfield, Eben Pagan, Joe Vitale, Stompernet, Ryan Dies to name a Few....
What do I know?
Lets see, upload scripts to Hosting via FTP and using CPanel.
Lost over a grand on Google Adwords, and given up on Adsense.
Understand the psychology behind Niche Market, Keyword Analysis and research
In fact Ive gone over some of the many different training techniques by the above people and more
And Ive even tried putting systems together...Like setting up Squeeze page, putting an Adwords Campaign, driving trafffic to a few Affiliate programs from clickbank ....
You name it....
Heres the problem.
After a year and a half, Im still worse off than I started....
In fact silly me...I left my job (constructive dismissal actually) over a year ago...
And since then Ive immersed myself with SO Much research and reading and ....
I even know more about Salehooo and Worldwide Brands and have tried Drop Shipping....than most internet marketers.
But gave up after Ebay and Oztion.com.au closed my accounts for either huge unpaid debts and or fraudulent experiences via overseas drop shippers. (will come back to drop shipping one day)

Now back to Affiliate Marketing
I think i suffer from Information Overload and basically Analysis Paralysis...Anyone Else?
I have more notes and pads on internet marketing than a law student for a whole year studying law...
I realise its Applied Knowledge thats worth more than what you learn...
I mean I use to believe Content was King...then it was Keyword....now according to a research book im reading its neither!!
Its actually CONTEXT...(subjective i know)
Anyway what am I blabbing about...
Ive got one final shot at this...Something I did not know until a few weeks ago.

I have joined a few lead generation sites free and paid...
Some of them I still am amazed that they could give away so many optin leads...
ATM I have tallied from the 5 different sources, leads amouning to about 135,000!!!
Yes most of them recently new the rest about 2 months old
And they will increase as I can download another 5k each and EVERY day.

What would You do with them? How would you use them??
BTW its all to do with make money or online business leads etc and they are targeted.
Again Im left with an overwhelming sense of disbelief that this was around and I just found out about it couple of weeks ago.
Definately say goodbye to Google Adwords at least for testing markets etc.

Im guarding my sources now..:-)
Be interested to know if ANY of you would give me some ideas on how to use them ..(the leads)
Shall I set up a squeeze page and direct each one to build a list? and make money over time....(the money is in the list)

Shall I just send them (using bulk emailer) my affiliate URLS?

Or shall I concentrate on Good Adcopy and focus on conversion thru proper Headlines and other copy conversion tactics and over time...??

Basically im kindof stuck...You know the feeling that "Damn, How can you NOT succeed " when you know you have Free Optin leads of around 5,000 a day and its not costing you a leg?

Just hope Im not gonna sit on my butt and do nothing due to my overwhelming WOW feeling in my guts.

Your comments will be appreciated.
Victor Trooper

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sounds like you and I are in the same boat. Couldn't help but chuckle when I read your post. I have gone down the same path by the looks of things. I too am searching for means of using those leads without further bankrupting myself. I have tried just about every blaster out there and never did get any responses to my email blasts. I have paid for several autoresponder services but like you at this point I have to watch my monthly expenditures. If by any chance you get a solution response I would very much like hearing about it. Best wishes, Birgit
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My God! Sounds just like me! I too paid for leads from Getresponse some time ago and didn't get a single nibble, (i was offering a free mini-course leading to vendors sale page) I even tried emailing each and every one of them with a question as to why they didn't take up the offer, was it the product, or the mail course that was crap, you know the sort of thing, didn't get a single reply, or comment on my blog, which put me off paid lists.

I don't know the answer, except if i had a decent size list i would sign up to loads of affiliate programs in your niche and just keep blasting the list with the latest 'Big Thing' 'Fab New Course' or Top Quality Software'!

Personally i've just published my first proper website and am about to start driving traffic using free methods if i can, i did take the PPCClassroom course which i though was excellent, unfortunately we're now so short of money that i just cant afford to run a campaign, bummer.

Stick with it Victor, i'm sure you'll get there in the end. Be cheeky, contact as many Gurus as you can through there support centres and ask them a straight bold question, if they're worth their salt they'll give you an answer, if they don't, unsubscribe, and forget them!

Regards, Paul
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Hi all,
Just a little note from rainy Amsterdam... I guess when you purchase leads, make sure they are double opt-in and traceable in some way. I got a zillion leads from "Yourstrafficpackage" I could download them from their website in csv format. So I thought, why not blast an offer from one of the "make money online" products I'm affiliated with into a couple of thousand mailboxes. The web page (which seems to be taken down, since I can no longer log in to my account) told my the leads were spam-free. So I used my superb auto responder "ARP" to bulk email those leads. Well you 'v guessed it... The majority of mails I have send got bounced and, the ones that didn't were responded with automated messages! So I checked the file with the addresses in Excel and found a lot of aol.com / belsouth.com / itt.com / yahoo.com / comcast.net ah well many many of those free to use (and possibly fake) email addresses. So I if you ask me, the only way to get a trustworthy mailing list is by setting up a squeeze page with a email verification field in the form. And send your confirmation link by mail. In other words make sure that your leads are double opt-in!

To your success!

Leonard R.A.
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To Your Ultimate Success!

Leonard R.A.
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With that many opt-in leads you can send them all an offer that they would all have an interest for. For example, if your newsletter is about fitness, you can send them an offer about a new fitness product. There are countless ways you can do with your leads.


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I dont believe in something for nothing.

The fact you have managed to find a source of thousands of leads sound highly suspicous to me and possibly the reason I recieve alot of unwanted spam emails. I am not saying that is the case with you, however, has it not concerned you or made you question where these leads came from? How did they get them?

This sounds very suspicious to me and think you should focus your time and money in something more productive, for example, you could pay someone to create you a free small ebook in your niche, set up your affiliate links inside the PDF, then give it away for free, all in the knowing that your leads are targeted and genuine.

Making money online is like a cat, if you chase it, it will run up a tree and hide.

Another analogy is when you loose your keys, you never seem to find them when you turn the house upside down, the second you forget about it, they turn up!

Axioms are awesome.
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The mind is everything
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Yes, definitely setup a squeeze page, give them something free and build a relationship with them that will allow you to achieve long term success. Send them an affiliate link and be happy with 0 results.

But before you do:

The fact that you have to send them to a squeeze page to begin with means that these are not optin leads. Which means that sending them anything at all is spam (it's the definition of spam!!!). Personally I wouldn't use any of those "leads".
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