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Well Developed Website For Sale

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Well Developed Website For Sale

Hello everyone,

I want to sell my website is http://www.myweightlossexperiment.com as I have lost the passion for it and want to move on.

This site is suitable for those who intend to create new affiliate sites because almost everything is in place along with aged domain(2008 November).

It is PR1 website touching all aspects of home and family life such as health,diseases,shopping,pets,relationships etc..

I named it as "myweightlossexperiment.com' because overweight and excess fat has always been one of the main home and family issues for quite some time now.I feel that health and disease control should be the no 1 priority for families if they want to have a good family life.

It has about 125 subdomain pages with unique content.It is in first page of SERP listings for many good cash generating keywords.

It has around 1200(19540 according to traffic travis) and growing one way back links not only to the home page but also to the individual pages.

As of now this website has around 200 unique visitors per day(4600 monthly) and page views of around 600 per day(15000 monthly).

As of now it's Alexa rating is 1142060..

It is earning average $30 per month in adsense and total $135 in affiliate sales such as Amazon,clickbank etc..

Many of the keywords are in the first page of google,yahoo,bing and ASK which are listed below.There are also many keywords which are not listed here.

This keyword study was done sometime back and so there may be discrepancies such as some keywords may not be there and some may have been added and so a fresh study should be done by the buyer to satisfy himself.

Most of these keywords are on the first page of google SERP listings but not at the top of course.Their placement is between 5 to 10 in the first page.It needs the proverbial final push to reach the top which can be done with some effort but this idea for some strange reason does not appeal to me.May be it has something to do with the lack of passion because I am bored with my site now.


buy new clothes
buy fish oil
fish oil sale
buy omega 3 fish oil
buy green tea
incontinence panties
incontinence clothing
incontinence wear
panda backpack
hypnosis for beginners
3 step ladder
2 step ladder
fiberglass step ladder
crescent tool set
household tool kit
weight loss tips

buy sleep aid(1)

buy sleep aids(3)

otc sleep aids(2)

otc sleep aid(2)

otc sleeping aids(4)

otc sleeping aid(3)

buy otc sleep aids(4)

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buy otc sleeping aid(2)

buy otc sleeping aids(2)

ferret cages for sale(1)

ferret cage for sale(1)

cheap ferret cage(10)

cheap ferret cages(9)

discount ferret cages(20)

discount ferret cage(10)

preventing divorce(10)

gothic wedding gowns(9)

weight loss experiment(2)

fat loss experiment(1)

lose flab(14)

burn flab(10)

pcos cure(4)

fibroids in the womb(3)

home and family first aid procedure(1)


dietary mineral supplements(2)

dietary vitamins(13)

weight loss experiment(1)

lose belly flab(10)


ferret cages for sale(6)

plasma television sales(1)

plasma tv sale(9)

plasma tv sales (8)

weight loss experiment(2)

burn flab(2)

lose belly flab(7)

fat loss experiment(1)


home and family first aid procedure(1)

weight loss experiment(5)

pcos cure (13)

If interested you can write to me at perias1949@gmail.com

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Hi peria1949,

It's sad to sell off something that is already earning. It is evident you've put a lot of time and effort on this website. I hope you get a good price for it.
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Hello Cecille L,

You are right.It is my first website and I put lot of effort and money
in it.

However now it bores me as I am burned out.This is why I want to move on.

Thanks for your understanding and comforting words.
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Hello Guys,

You all may wondering what may be my asking price.Here is the tentative value of this site
in my opinion.

Thoroughly researched Unique content value(120 pages x $10)-----------1200
Total one way back links 19540 x 10 cents each value------------- 1954
Value of first page keywords 30 x $100------------------------------- 3000
Aged Domain Value -----

The total comes to $6200 Approx

My asking price is $3500 which is negotiable further.

I am willing to consider even payments in installments after an initial down payment of USD $1500.

I want to get it over with.

Write to me if you have any questions.Thanks.

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How much is it earning consistently each month?
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Hello n0thsa,

Sorry for the late reply.I was busy on other things for the past week and so did not see your reply.The adsense earning for july 2011 was $34.91 and for august it was $38.34.
The last month(sep 2011) adsense earning dipped to $23 with no affiliate sales may be because I have not touched the site for the past six months.
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Hello guys,

Those who have a mind or half mind to buy this site may bid for this site(however low it might be) and I may consider selling to the highest bidder because I want to move on. At the same time I also want to say that no body should think this is a desperate sale.

I want to list here the positive and negative aspects of this site.

Positive aspects:

1.Profitable niches(weight loss,relationships,work at home)
2.Unique content (Panda proof)
3.Aged domain
4.125 developed web pages
5.19740 one way back links and deep links to all individual pages.
6.About 30 high demand keywords on the first page of google U.S.A,India and others.
7.4500 unique visitors and 15000 page views per month.
8.Adsense earning $1 per day average.
9.Everything is ready and offered on a platter there by saving the time needed to develop such a site.
10.Suitable for affiliate and adsense plans.

Negative aspects:

1.Lacks look&feel and so needs a thorough make over

Please do not hesitate to bid even if it is low because I WANT TO GET IT OVER WITH.

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Hello Guys,

When I checked my site's rankings yesterday,I found that my site has lost almost all it's keyword rankings because I had not touched my site for almost a year.

I do not want to sell at this time because now it has lost it's ranking value which is the most important factor that decides the real value of a site.

Please treat this thread closed.Thanks.

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I'm sorry to hear that you have lost your rankings, Chandrasekaran. There has been a change in Google's algorithm recently which might have affected your pages.

Do make sure that you have properly optimized your site with internal linking structure and content management. Provide high quality and add fresh content regularly. It's important to have exceptional content so that other sites would want to link to your site.

You could launch a link building campaign that will concentrate on the following methods:
1) Guest blog posting
2) Social media engagement and marketing
3) Community participation
4) Constant link search (seek for link opportunities for the site to improve search engine rankings) – this should be a part of the campaign’s daily tasks

Make sure that you target linking pages that are high quality, relevant and trustworthy to obtain more value from the links that will be acquired from them.

All the best.
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