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website promotion - ORIGINAL CONTENT A where to publish?

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website promotion - ORIGINAL CONTENT A where to publish?

So I've read that the best way to drive traffic to your website is by having original content.
So my question is where do I publish this original content.
I have just written a 4 part series of original articles.

Do I SUBMIT TO - article directory or hubpages or squidoo , etc
How do I use this original content to get the most BANG FOR MY BUCK OR MOST INTEREST IN MY WEBSITE,
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Original content should be posted on your own site ;)

To build backlinks, you could spin your articles and submit to article directories and Article Marketing Automation (AMA) which submits your spun articles to relevant blogs.
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As "michellerana" stated you need to publish your original articles to your website then create multiple rewritten versions of each of the articles to be submitted to article directories.

Your goal is to create back links to your site. Over time these back links will be indirectly responsible for creating traffic to your website. The greater the number of quality back links the higher your ranking with Google and the other search engines.

As your site and the corresponding back links increase your site can develop to become an authority site recognized by the search engines. This recognition tied to your keyword selection will cause your site to be placed on page one of the search engine keyword search.

The articles on your website need to be original. Your rewritten or spun articles should also be original and NOT DIRECT COPIES of the master original. There are many software programs available that will assist you in spinning new articles from your master original article. These rewritten articles need to be submitted to article directories and blogs and squidoo lenses etctetera. When these articles are accepted and republished a back link is created for your website.
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As stated above always post your original content to your own site first (if you have one, and I think you do?).

Then you can take it and copy it to other sources. Also as stated above you should re-write it, but in my experience you don't need to go overboard, just perhaps rewriting the first paragraph, changing the title, and making other little tweaks to sentences here and there... this is usuall enough for me, and even then if I am posting them manually the I take this 1 rewritten version and post it exactly the same to a few places (If I only care about a few backlinks rather than traffic)

But if you do want traffic then probably... arguably... Ezine Articles might be your best bet as an external site to post to... but if you want backlinks then it depends on your budget and experience... if you have no money and / or you are new then just manually post to sites like ezine articles, other article directories, squidoo, weebly etc... if you want a big more bang, then I do recommend services like AMA too

Good luck :)

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