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Web Designer seeking different path

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Web Designer seeking different path

Hi everyone...I'm new to Affilorama but not really new to affiliate marketing in general...I'm a web designer and I've been interested in pursuing full time income doing affiliate marketing - I'm getting really sick of designing web sites for other businesses so I thought I would just focus on designing my own!

I must say, I'm a little skeptical about this but I'm willing to give it a shot. I'm thinking of signing up for the Affiliate Blueprint program tomorrow. Right now, I have the time so I may as well take advantage of it.

Can anyone give me any feedback on this program? I saw that it was 12 steps...how long (on average) would it take to complete the 12 steps?

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Hiya Chantal,

Well you're gonna call me biased, but I think AffiloBlueprint is the bees knees. As a web designer there's going to be a lot of it that you can kind of skim over (the "how to build a website with WordPress" stuff), but there is a lot of material that will be new and interesting for you.

Perhaps you could give us a little more background on your experience with affiliate marketing so far?

The real selling point with AffiloBlueprint is that it is really strongly structured and task-oriented, so you're not floundering around wondering what the next step is. A lot of courses are a bit airy fairy and full of theory, but AffiloBlueprint is very hands-on. The goal is really to get you through to the end, so you've "done it all" once (because most people never get that far). Once you've done that you can see how it all fits together, and that's where the good ideas come from.

It's 12 "steps". We used to call it 12 weeks. For you, I imagine the building of the website will be largely dependent on a) how quickly you choose a niche and do your background research, and b) how quickly you can put together the content you need for the site. Content is typically the largest time-sink -- especially if you're not an expert on your topic, or not particularly fond of writing yourself.

Once the site is built, how long it takes before you start earning big fat stacks of cash depends on how gung-ho you are about promoting your site, and what traffic methods you choose to focus on. If you're going solely with SEO it can be a good few months before you start getting consistent traffic through the search engines. There are other ways of driving traffic faster, and we cover that in AffiloBlueprint too.

But it's certainly not an overnight thing.

One thing to keep in mind, depending on your background: You might need to "unlearn" some stuff about aesthetics :) The days of yellow highlighter all over pages are largely over, but you might still find the advice fighting against your natural instincts for what is "good design". Voice of experience talking here!
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Hey Chantal,

I bought AffiloBlueprint about 3.5 years ago and that was when things started coming together for me. Before AB I didn't understand how everything went together. The blueprint helped me build my first few sites and make my first few affiliate sales.

Even though I have learned and tried different ways to do online marketing since AB, I still come back years later to look over videos and ask questions on the forum. In my opinion, AB was the best program for me to get started and actually make some money.
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