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We are looking for affiliates to promote our product

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We are looking for affiliates to promote our product

Hey guys! We have a plugin for WordPress and looking for affiliates to sell our product. We are ready to pay 50% for each purchase and 50% per year for the upsale. The minimum price is $129. Who would like to join us?
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Did you get any responses

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Why not describe more about the Affiliate program, the plugin? Where is the website?

I think this would help you.
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Hi I live in Durban SA I did not grow up with computers I need help from a person to show me I find it very difficult to learn on my own
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What traffic types do you accept for promoting your WP plugin?
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Isn't advertising of affiliate program supposed to be done in the different forum section?
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Sergey Kulpin
Affiliate Marketing Manager
Discover Car Hire Ltd.
Email: sergey.kulpin@discovercarhire.com
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You haven't provided any intel about your plugin... What kind of plugin is it, what can people use it for, for what niche... etc
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