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Hello guys. Just wanted to give a warning to everyone. I noticed no one has really went into depth or said anything about hijacking people's affiliate commission. I did a search on the forum and didn't find anything about it.

The reason why. I just got 2 sales STOLEN right under me. Luckily I caught it now.

Something you might want to look into if you aren't getting normal sales or any.

I have a PPC campaign running right now and am getting about a 1-2 a week. Just in a the past few days I noticed not getting anything. Then I come to find out my affiliate ID wasn't mine.

I use google analytics. Thank to this I found out! If I wasn't constantly checking stats or just being observant who knows how long this would have gone on. I actually had just thought my campaign wasn't doing good.

Upon a successful order, the clickbank merchant sends the buyer back to my site with a type of "/ORDERSUCCESS...." url.

When seeing this today I new I had a sale but when checking my stats nothing showed. I then looked at my google stats to view the exactly url and saw a different affiliate ID in place of mine!

Anyway. Be aware guys. Just thought I'd share this. After a little research on this, hijacking clickbank id's is a really common thing to do and easy thing for thieves to take. So take in consideration your links.

DO NOT DIRECT LINK such as http://xxxx.xxxxx.hop.clickbank.net/

Use redirect scripts or htaccess redirects

Nothing is 100% secure but worth doing, than doing nothing.

Just thought I'd share this tip.
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If anyone has any better ways of being more secure please let me know. As far as now, Im using .htacess to redirect but would like to find something far more secure if possible.
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So how did that other affiliate ID get in there? Was it just a customer buying something through their own link?
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Check out this Clayton


People are not aware of there computer being infected with spyware or adware. With these installed, my links were literally overwritten by the adware program with a hijackers.

More info on cloaking from clickbank guys
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That link you posted about "cloaking" is essentially just a redirect like we show you here. They're "more secure" in the sense that someone can't hold their mouse over a link and see the hoplink in their status bar, and your hoplinks aren't embedded into the HTML of your page. But if someone can get into the HTML of your page to change your hoplinks, there's nothing stopping them editing your redirects as well.

Beyond the usual precautions people should be taking to protect their computer and data from malicious individuals, I don't think this is an instance for hand waving, hair-pulling hysterics. This isn't something specific to ClickBank hoplinks.

They could just have easily used a keylogger to find out your internet banking details.
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Cloaking your affiliate links is standard practice, no body should be using a raw link as that is just asking for trouble.

Also, like what has been said, without question you should have a high end virus protection software. I am using Kaspersky and totally loving it.
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When I read the first post I thought to myself, HUH?
The only way this could happen is if your PC is infected with spyware. ( re: keylogger )
Or maybe the merchant has a little redirect script happening so that when your buyers hit his site using your affiliate ID then he can redirect that through another affiliate ID and get credit for the sale.

Still, keep on eye on that.. If the merchant is redirecting the hoplink to his own or an associate.. let clickbank know.
This is very uncommon though as the merchant would risk losing his account forever and not being able to sign up again as they have his personal details etc..( But it has happened before )

Also make sure you look at the merchants landing page carefully.
Merchants can build THEIR list and market to the traffic you provide..
view this link.. http://www.nowsell.com/web-marketing-st ... mmissions/

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