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... wait. What?! First sale!

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... wait. What?! First sale!

What an unexpected event. Seriously.
I am both ecstatic and very aware that it was just incredible luck at this point in time.

So far, I've been able to put a mere ten page site up and I've only submitted three articles (to ezine).
Thing is, about a month ago (just as I was beginning the learning process), Google.it sent me a 75 Euro free voucher for Adwords. "This is either an amazing coincidence, or they've been monitoring my activities on the web." I said to myself. But I didn't have a site up, so I stashed it away, and went about my business.
Two days ago I remembered it was about to expire soon, so I decided to, at least, register an account and redeem the bonus.
One thing led to another and I put up a single ad for my single product review page.
Just as I was planning on skipping to the PPC lessons and put up a competent campaign, in order not to waste the free bonus, I noticed my first sale, courtesy of the PPC ad.
Statistics are 2 days, 12.6k impressions on other websites (no searches on the keyword), 31 clicks for a total cost of 3,06 Euro, and a single $37 sale. Yay me!

This certainly is raising my spirits and will to work hard on this.
Now, if only I didn't have to waste so much time with my day job...
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Keep track of your PPC cost to see if it would be beneficial to continue on that keyword. One time I had a sale after just a few clicks on a clickbank program I was promoting. I was very excited and let it ride. However, the profits died down to zero after a while due to no more sales.

I don't want to discourage you, just make sure you keep a heads up on that keyword. You may have stumbled on to a gold mine. If so, keep it up and make more sales.

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I wish Google would send me a free $75 adword voucher :)
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Great! I got the voucher as well.

Now, make sure you study the PPC lessons and continue with SEO.

Golden rule: Do what's working over and over!

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yep, success comes to all those who work hard. keep doing what you are doing, and good luck. This really is a great way to make a living.
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