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Visitors afraid to submit the order form?

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Visitors afraid to submit the order form?

I just want to hear from you people, if you check your ClickBank stats.
Are you experiencing that many people stop at the order form/payment page at the product site?
Its just very annoying, when you are so close to finish a sale and nothing to do about it when people are afraid to order something online!

... and Mark, if you see this post, what is your experience with this?
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Ya I actually just noticed that yesterday; I could have made 6 sales yesterday according to my stats, but I was only able to make 2.
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This is common, a lot of online shoppers get nervous when they get to the point of entering their card details and hitting the submit button.

I would recommend doing your best to reassure them - highlight your money back guarantee, add testimonies of satisfied clients etc.
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