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Videos not playing on my end

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Videos not playing on my end

Hi Guys
None of your support videos seem to be playing for me. Please check it out and let me know. thanks
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There are times when the videos won't play immediately and you may have to wait for awhile before they start playing. This depends on the speed of your connection and the load we experience on our servers. When a lot of people view the videos at the same time, this causes some videos not to play immediately.

Here are some things you can try to fix the problem:

If the problem is with your internet connection, then refreshing the page may help.

If the problem is with your browser, then make sure that you have Adobe Flash player installed. You can download it from here:

https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. Note that if your version of Flash player is older than 7, then you may also have problems watching the videos.

If the problem is with your computer, then try rebooting.
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Have you tried to disable adblock if you are using one? I had similar issues with the video content and the problem was in adblock
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Try to upgrade your flash player or install some codecs / upgrade driver for your video adapter. Also, adblock can effect videos, so disable it for pages of this domain!
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I agree with spartacus1990, had the same problem with adblock. Check in your website browser.
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