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Urgent action needed: Save your online privacy rights!

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Urgent action needed: Save your online privacy rights!

That's from the email I received from my domain registrar, NameCheap, today. I Googled it and found it is an issue right now.

It's basically about making your personal identifiable info public all over the internet, which I would never want.

The details here, where you can also contact ICANN:

ICANN policy discussions are already underway and the close date for comments is July 7, 2015.

Any feedbacks/suggestions/help are appreciated. Thank you.
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Errrrr.... It looks like they just want you to sign a petition.

If you want to sign the petition, go for it. It's nothing personal to do with your domain.
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I just signed the petition. Here was my reason: I need the privacy to protect my family. My wife and I run our online businesses from our home. We don't need customers or stalkers linking our business to our home address. Period.
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