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Two Questions

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Two Questions

1/ Is it a good idea to use just one website but have several pages that feature different niches and then promote each page as a seperate identity? You know rather than actually having different websites all together or do you need to have a site for each niche?

2/ And if I do need seperate websites for each niche, Can I host them under one payment with different domain names or do I need to pay for each site seperately? ie pay domain name fee plus hosting each month for each site seperately?

Can somebody please clarify all this for me? Thank you
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you need a different website for each niche, but you only need 1 hosting account.

Now, some people will use multiple hosting accounts, but that is if you start getting hundreds of sites. The advantage there is that if something happens with your hosting server, not all your sites will go down at once. However, by the time you get to that point, you should be able to afford it easily. Most of the people I know doing that have over a hundred sites working.
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Your Focus Determines Your Reality
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Yes, generally I would say a different website for each niche - but then this isn't a RULE - it depends on how closely the niches are related or your overall plan - you could for example have a BIG site for all areas of IM, and break it down into seo reviews, ppc reviews, blogging reviews etc / or self help and break it down into confidence products, motivation, memory etc...

these are related enough that if your site is done properly you can do it... but don't start pairing up "stop blushing products" with IM products, with "registry cleaners" - keep some focus :)
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I'd recommend having a different site per niche. It would be difficult to rank well if your niche is too general. Specific niches will be easier to promote and are more profitable.

If your hosting package allows you to host multiple domains then you just need one account for all your sites.
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If you are hosting multiple sites under one web hosting account, it helps to have unlimited data space and unlimited monthly traffic with your hosting plan, to make sure that all your space and bandwidth needs are met.
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